Vegan Business Tribe
Vegan Business Tribe is a community of hundreds of vegan business owners across the globe who are on a mission to change the face of business, to create a fairer, cruelty-free world. Members get full access to the Vegan Business Academy, featuring online courses, articles, video masterclasses and online resources to help you grow a successful vegan business. There are also regular online networking meet-ups and much more available for members.
David from Vegan Business Tribe hosts the Vegan Business Tribe Podcast, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other platforms, and now on YouTube in video format too.
The work
I was originally contacted to help create an e-book - a collection of interviews with various businesses and Vegan Business Tribe members - conducted by Vegan Business Tribe and previously published in Vegan Food & Living Magazine. 
I created all the inside pages and David created the cover. The e-book is now in print and available to purchase at
Following this project I was brought on board to support David (who single-handedly creates a LOT of content) by editing the audio and video of the Vegan Business Tribe Podcast, as well as the Vegan Business Tribe Live panels recorded at VegfestUK London 2023.
Podcast editing
The episodes I edited for audio platforms such as Spotify, and the video counterparts for YouTube are all below. I also edited the Vegan Business Tribe Live 2023 panels that took place over 2 full days at Olympia London, most of which are only available for members of Vegan Business Tribe. 'Your Business as Activism' is a free episode from Vegan Business Tribe Live 2023. 
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